Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Good Life

Most of my close friends know that music
moves me. When I'm smoking a cigar on
the beach while working on my laptop the
music gets me in the mood. Without
music to speed me along I would fall
and no work would be done.

This post will focus on one of my all time
favorites "Frank Sinatra".

The song titled "The Good Life" reminds
me that my life is like a vintage wine.
With extra years you taste better.
Below are the song lyrics. Enjoy!

It's the good life, full of fun, seems to be the ideal,
Yes, the good life, lets you hide all the sadness you feel,
You won't really fall in love 'cause you can't take the
chance, So be honest with yourself, don't try to fake romance.

Yes, the good life, to be free and explore the unknown,
Like the heartache when you learn you must face them alone.

Peace be the Journey!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Women’s Income Increasing While Men’s Decreasing!

U.S. Census Bureau

Most people wouldn’t believe that the average American’s
"individual" annual income is only around $25,000.
Moreover, most wouldn’t believe that women have made a rapid
revenue increase over men within the past 10 years.

Chart (Above) shows year to year comparison (U.S. Census Bureau):

1973 = $34,762
2009 = $32,184
Difference: -$2,578 (8% decrese)

1973 = $11,983
2009 = $20,957
Difference: +$8,974 (74% increase)

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USA Today explains, “Men have been losing jobs at a faster rate than
women in the recession because of troubles in manufacturing,
construction, and other industries.

By contrast, job loss has been slow in government and health care
industries, which tend to employ more women. Women, who now make up
49.7% of the workforce.

Top US Cities (by Percentage) Women have the best wage opportunities in:

21% - Atlanta
19% - Memphis
17% - New York
16% - Sacramento
15% - San Diego
14% - Miami
14% - Charlotte
14% - Raleigh-Durham
12% - Los Angeles
12% - Phoenix

Good Job Ladies! Peace.

(a.k.a. Jerry Flanagan)

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Monday, August 1, 2011

From a Woman’s Perspective

There is no roadmap for men to follow to get inside
of a woman’s head, because half of the time,
women don’t know either. Let’s take a trip into the
woman psyche. For women who have been in a
long-term relationship, they begin to find themselves
as one with their partner. Naturally, because of the
day-in-day-out influence of their significant other,
both partners begin to pick up minute habits,
and even character traits (which may pend on the
more dominate partner). Even an action as simple
as brushing ones teeth in the shower can be a habit
to pick up. Either way, both partners will always
alter a portion of their behavior due to the influence
of the other partner.

Thus, the woman will unconsciously or consciously
begin to mold herself into a different version of herself. She is, in a sense, two different people;
herself, and the person she has molded herself into, marginally different from the way she
was before. When a woman is in a long term relationship with a partner, she unites and
they become a team; this factors in with personality molding. In the event of a breakup,
this has a colossal effect on the woman both physically and mentally.

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Overall, when enduring a breakup, her mind is consumed with agony and will only be
liberated with time, support, occupancy, and strength. As she begins to go through
the recovery stage, she will try to reinvent herself because she suddenly realizes that
this whole time she was involved with this person, she became another her and now
has to decide which diminutive traits or habits she wants to filter out. The stronger
and more intellectual a woman is, she will already have done some auto-filtering
while exposed to certain habits from her partner during their relationship.
Therefore, in the event of a breakup, she has already filtered out the character traits
that she does not wish to keep, or, filtered in the traits she wishes to keep.

During this recovery stage, when the woman begins dating, she will struggle with
acceptance and openness towards the new guy because she will constantly compare
him to her ex. Unfortunately, in the beginning, the ex will always win the comparing
battle because that’s what she is use to, and that’s what she knows. She will continue
to go back to the “smelly nest” because everyone wants to go back to what they are
used to, and what they know, no matter how unsatisfying. Opening up to something
new is work and time, it’s a new mentality. Even though this may pour a little salt on
the wound, she may desire to step out, date, mingle and have fun. She will need to feel
that sense of confidence in herself. She has to approach this in a totally new perspective
because it is not common. She doesn’t know this person; he has no idea about her.
Now, she has to open up. It’s about asking questions, it’s about the chemistry.
Chemistry is something that cannot be planned for, it’s just what comes, and it’s natural
only if the shoe fits. So now the big questions is, where can I find someone that I ‘am
physically and mentally attracted to and we just have a connection? Where can I find
someone who doesn’t possess all of my little pet-peeves and all those little idiosyncrasies
that I dislike? It’s going to take time and willingness to date.

Some women are confident and intelligent enough to know that there should be no
regrets, we learn from every experience and every relationship. People come into our
life for a reason, a season, and a lifetime. We all learn from everyone and should be
filtering in and out the good and the bad. There is no roadmap, we cannot predict the
future, we cannot read minds, but we can stay tuned in to ourselves and our partners.
Strength, independence, openness, growth, and communication are essential.

(a.k.a. Jerry Flanagan)

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Appreciate Life!

Appreciation: “thanks or gratitude; assessment of the true worth or value of persons or things.”

Appreciate Yourself

It’s soothing to sit and reflect or meditate in a quiet, peaceful place of comfort, like the beach; or in a certain
special dwelling, turning off all of the noise to think about life and the things that you have; maybe even
listening to some jazz. But everyone should have their own special place to go to. For many, it’s the
simple things in life that make them happy: looking at the ocean, watching the sun set, spending some
time outside under the evening stars, and just honing in on what you have accomplished.

Sit back and reflect on what you have done as an individual, the things you have accomplished,and
then you will begin to realize that life is wonderful.

Appreciate Your Family

Appreciating the family members you have in your life and appreciating the fact that there is someone
who is always going to genuinely be there for you to lean on or just listen with all of their heart because
they have invested ample time in you and you, them. That’s what family is all about- “family doesn’t
leave family behind”.

There are many families out there that are separated, that don’t speak to one another for years because
of the resentment. But if you really focus on appreciating all of your family members, especially the ones
you haven’t spoken to in a while or that you are feeling animosity towards, you will find it is way easier
to love than hate. Even a simple gesture as just going up to that family member and saying “I appreciate you”
or getting a thank you card and simply just thanking that person for being in your life will bless you and
those around you.

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Appreciating Friends and Loved-ones

Appreciating the fact that your friends or loved-one knows you completely and has chosen to be in your life
and that they choose to spend time with you through the good and the bad times, is necessary. There are
definitely people who may be friends or acquaintances who want to be friends with you for unpretentious
reasons like money, social status, but you will know who the real genuine people in your life are. Just take
some time out of your day to call, text, email, social network, or the good old fashion way- speaking to
them face to face to say I appreciate you for being in my life and for caring about me and about what
happens to me. A simple statement like saying “I appreciate you” goes a long way.

Appreciate Your Career

How quickly can you get angry or frustrated at your boss, coworkers, or others within your company?
For many, this happens everyday. If you have your own business, you need to appreciate your customers
because they are the ones making your business successful, but at the same time if you are an employee
and you work for a company, be thankful that your boss even hired you and brought you on-board to bring
value to their organization. Whether you are working at McDonalds or a big organization, appreciate the
fact that you are there receiving the benefits. Appreciate the free knowledge that you are gaining, the
networking, the experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise have, the events throughout the day that make
for great subjects of conversation. At the end of the day, you could be in a worse situation.

Be appreciative today and go up to your boss, coworker, or employee and say “I appreciate you.”
Even a nice gesture like treating the team with Starbucks, beagles, or a card will go a long way.

Overall, just appreciate what you have and life will be wonderful because you will look within yourself
and know that the value that you add to everyone’s life and all these subject areas will definitely give
you light.

(a.k.a. Jerry Flanagan)

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Enjoy Spending Your Money, You Earned It

and you deserve to be happy!
by CigarPlayer (a.k.a. Jerry Flanagan)

Sometimes, I roll down the street (in my Cadillac Escalade)
thinking about how easy it is to make money. I know a lot of
my peeps find it hard to make money. However, believe me,
one of the things that this book* has taught me is that
everyone in your circle makes money either at a $10 an hour
or $300 an hour level. Even homeless people make money
when they beg others for spare change while out on the town.
It doesn't matter, everyone in the United States is making money
in small or large amounts.

So, what does that mean for your savings? Well, it means
"Control Thy Expenditures". That's right, very simple.
However, so many people in my circle want to have fun.
My peeps will tell you I obviously like to have fun too!
However, you have to have a "spending plan" to afford
your necessities while enjoying your desires in life.

The keys are:
1. Balance
2. Discipline
3. Spending Plan


George Clason, (who wrote the book* "The Richest Man in Babylon") teaches us how
not denying yourself the pleasures of life is very important while working hard to make money.
I agree, to reach true happiness you have to find pleasure in spending money on the things
you desire most in life and leave you fulfilled each day, week, month and year.
Otherwise, why are you working your "ass-off" to make money in the first place.

In other words, "Enjoy Spending Your Money, you earned it and you deserve to be happy!"

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George Clason, also teaches us to maintain discipline while having fun.
What does that mean? Well, if you make $500 a week (for our example in this blog).
That means you have to plan on living and partying with $450 a week.
The other $50 dollars you put in an investment account of some kind and you don't
touch it until you "REALLY" need it. The key phrase here is "really need it".
If you could give yourself a pep talk every time you tried to spend that $50 dollars
it would go something like this:

"I agreed to a spending plan (a.k.a. Budget) for myself to have fun without going broke
every month. Living paycheck to paycheck sucks butt!"

Believe me, you say this to yourself enough times each week and you will start to
visualize that living off of $450 a week really does work for saving your money each
week, month and year. Again, the $450 dollars is an example for this blog. You should
apply the one-tenth rule to your specific income model.

3. Your Spending Plan
(nine-tenths of your earnings):

So, write down all the things you desire in life including your food, home, car, drinking
with friends, shopping for clothes/shoes, mini vacations, etc.

Then select those that are necessary and the ones that can be purchased through
nine-tenths of your income ($450). Anything that does not fit within the $450 dollars
must go unsatisfied until you can afford it. Don't regret this decision because your
greatest desire should be to save $50 dollars a week. Before you know it, a year
has gone by and you have $2,600 dollars in your savings (not bad, right?).

Believe me, 2011 is going by so fast, one year will speed right past your income
with or without your savings. Less stress equals some of your money in the bank for you
to fall back on, not living paycheck-to paycheck (at any level $10 an hour or $300 an hour).

Go have fun people! Peace.

(a.k.a. Jerry Flanagan)

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